iBANDT is an online interactive agency dedicated to help advertisers and publishers realize their full potential by increasing their brand awareness, sales and cost efficiency. Simply put, we help advertisers put their money to best use and publishers to vastly improve their ad revenues. This is only possible with more than 10 years of experience in the digital advertising industry with various perspectives from the advertisers, agencies and publishers.

Creative Design > SEO + SEM > Media Planning + Buying > Media Tracking + Reporting

Web Business Consulting > Ad Inventory + Delivery Optimization > Ad Revenue Maximization

Creative Design - Corporate Identity, Print Collaterals, Website Development, Digital Advertising Creative
Brand Strategy - Consumer Insights, Brand and Marketing Strategy, Marketing Measurement
Brand Activation - Brand Experience, Advertising & Promotions, Interactive, Relationship Management
Advertising Operations - Ad Tracking & Reporting, Ad Inventory & Delivery Optimization, Ad Revenue Maximization
SEM Strategy - Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Consultation

Our services are not just limited to what are posted here, should you have a request, please drop us an email. We'll be more than happy to hear from you.


Great Advertising | Great Ideas | Advertising Ideas | Creative Ideas. We help our clients brainstorm great advertising ideas, creative ideas, design advertising creative and delivers great results. Website Development, Digital Advertising Creative, Brand Strategy, Consumer Insights, Brand Marketing Strategy, Marketing Measurement, Brand Activation, Brand Experience, Advertising, Promotions, Interactive, Relationship Management, Advertising Operations, Ad Inventory, Ad Delivery Optimization, Ad Revenue Maximization, SEM Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Consultation